Facilities : the best in the business


Horeswood Nurseries Ltd is an established commercial tomato growing and packing facility. Our site consists of two hectares of glasshouses which produces around 1,000 tonnes of tomatoes per season. We have developed our glasshouses, facilities and capabilities over time in an attempt to create optimum growing conditions. This includes efficient energy management and sustainable water management; which has reduced our fuel, fertiliser and water use.

Our sustainable vision is simple; we are committed to making ethically responsible choices and sustainable farming practices in our day to day business. We have made several long-term investments, we’re particularly proud of our biomass boiler which we installed in 2012. This gentle giant; a two megawatt biomass boiler, was a major step in reducing our dependency on fossil fuels, reducing our energy costs and vastly decreasing our carbon emissions. In 2015 we began harvesting and recycling the sites rain water with the installation of reservoir and pipeworks in an attempt to fulfill our target of a closed water cycle. We have an integrated pest management plan whereby we manage any potential pest issues with the least possible hazard to the environment and we are continually looking for new ways to work in harmony with nature.