OUR TOMATOES : a proud tradition

Our greenhouses are a hot bed of activity, this is where we grow the tomato favourites you know and love and we also experiment with growing new varieties.

Each year we grow a small crop of different tomato types to test the market and if our customers give us the thumbs up then we grow more of these varieties the following year. We fine tune our produce to your tastebuds and it seems to work; Wexford Tomatoes haven’t had rejections, complaints or withdrawals of any produce from customers in recent years and that’s something that we’re very proud of. We work at giving our tomatoes the care and attention they need so they can be the best little (and big!) tomatoes they can be.

This year we’re trialling a new cocktail variety and they’re gorgeous, even people who don’t usually like tomatoes say they like this new produce! Wexford Tomatoes are the only growers of this variety in Ireland; so it’s exclusive to us and you!  We allow our tomatoes to ripen first, so when they are picked they are red, packed with flavour and have achieved their taste potential. Sadly some imported tomatoes are picked green and are ripened in storage and so unfortunately never fully develop their flavour but at Wexford Tomatoes we know you can taste the difference.

Wexford Tomatoes offer quality, consistency and traceability. Follow us on Facebook and watch your favourite tomatoes growing throughout the year!